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Application and Acceptance Flow Chart\

The following documents shall be submitted to CAAC
1.        Application for issue of maintenance organization certificate (F145-1) (Sample).
2.        Maintenance Management Manual compiled in accordance with AC-145-05;
3.        Self-Evaluation List for Maintenance Organization Manual (SEL-MOM) (Sample).
4.        Maintenance capability list (only for applicant applying for components other than complete powerplant or propeller) (Sample).
5.        Maintenance Capability list in Excel (If item 4 is applicable).(Sample).
6.        Letter of Intent from Chinese customer with all the ratings and/or components applied for CAAC approval with both stamp and signature.
7.        A copy of current & effective maintenance organization certificate issued by the local/regional civil aviation authority.
8.        A brochure of the applicant’s corporation, including a physical description of your facilities (with photographs or pictures shown) and a description of your staff.
9.        A general introduction of the Maintenance documents and equipment used during repair.
10.    General introduction of subcontract functions.
11. training program manual
CAAC issues a notification of acceptance of the application documents, and arranges an interview with the accountable manage or the quality manager.
CAAC issues a formal notification of acceptance for the application including the acceptance and audit fee.
CAAC on-site audit.
Conclusion of issuance of Maintenance Organization Certificate.