|CCAR-66R1--Management Rule of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License

66.18 Effective Term and Renewal of the License

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The term of validity of the license for the maintenance personnel is five year commencing from the date upon which the basic portion of the license are issued. The License shall, during this period, be continuously valid while the renewal for the license term shall, before the expiration thereof, be granted by authorized personnel from CAAC.

The following requirements shall be complied with in case of renewals for the license in question:
(a) License holders shall have the aircraft maintenance experience of not less than six months (accumulative) every two years or otherwise perform operations relevant to aircraft maintenance for not less than six months (accumulative);
(b) License holders shall receive a retraining in respect of working procedures and particular working every two years;
(c) Maintenance personnel shall, in accordance with Annex I of the Regulations, submit applications for license renewals to CAAC 60 days before the expiration of the licenses.