|CCAR-66R1--Management Rule of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License

66.11 Issuance of the Basic Portion

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The issuance of the basic portion of the license for the maintenance personnel shall follow the following procedures:

a. Applicants who satisfy all the conditions specified in § 66.9 of the present Regulations may submit the Application for the Issuance /Renewal of the License for the Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel (F66-1) stipulated in Annex I hereof and the other documents stipulated in the application to CAAC after they have passed the examination prescribed by § 66.10 of the present Regulations;
b. CAAC shall, in accordance with § 66.8 & 66.10 of the present Regulations, examine & review the qualifications of the above-mentioned applicants, the application in question and the other documents which the applicants are required by the application to submit; the applicant who conforms to the Regulations shall be granted with the license for the civil aircraft maintenance personnel, as stipulated in Annex II (F66-2), within 30 working days commencing from the date upon which the application is received; while in case of the applicant whose submitted documents are incomplete or not in the prescribed forms, they shall be notified, instantly or within 5 working days, of all the other documents that shall be submitted. CAAC shall notify the unqualified applicant in written form within 20 working days of the application decline, return their application documents, expound the reasons and apprise them of the lawful rights they are entitled to.
c. The applicant shall cover relevant fees in accordance with the Regulations.