|CCAR-66R1--Management Rule of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License

66.10 Examinations for the Applicants of the Basic Portion

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The examination for the applicants of the basic portion of the license for the maintenance personnel shall be carried out in accordance with the syllabus for the examination in question released by CAAC.

The examination shall include the written examination, oral examination and examination on basic skills. The applicants shall score 70 or higher in such examinations so as to be rated as "qualified". The subjects included in the examination shall be in accordance with the examination syllabus. Those who fail in the examination may take makeup examinations. The results of the examination are valid for 2 years. Those who have cheated or conducted any other unendorsed dishonest acts shall be deprived of the right to take the examination going on and shall not be allowed to attend the examination within the two years commencing from the date of deprivation.