|CCAR-147--The Regulations on Certification of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Training Organizations

147.16 Archives of Instructors

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The maintenance personnel training organization shall establish archives for every instructor, which shall at least include the following contents:

(a) Name and date of birth;
(b) Copies of the certificates for technical titles and diplomas;
(c) Previous working experience;
(d) Copies of all the training records and relevant certificates;
(e) Copies of the documents of the maintenance personnel training organization which have appointed them as instructors;
(d) Copies of the invigilator appointment documents issued by CAAC are also required for those who invigilate in the oral & basic skill examinations for the basic parts of the certificates;
The maintenance personnel training organization shall properly keep the archives of the instructors and continue to keep them for at least two years after the instructors leave their posts.