|CCAR-147--The Regulations on Certification of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Training Organizations

147.14 Practice Facilities

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The maintenance personnel training organization shall possess practice sites, suitable for the started courses and number of trainees. The practice sites shall be furnished with sufficient equipment, tools, facilities and maintenance materials. They shall also comply with the following requirements:

(a) Equipment, tools, instruments & materials, and maintenance materials in the practice sites shall be equipped in accordance with the practice required to be carried out by the training program; the practice sites for basic training on civil aircraft maintenance, item training on aircraft type or component repair shall also provide relevant aircraft, aircraft component or simulation facilities with equivalent functions for use during practice;
(b) The number of trainees conducting practice upon one single component shall not exceed eight and the number of trainees guided simultaneously by every single practice instructor shall not exceed eight;
(c) Storage facilities of the tools, instruments & materials, and maintenance materials for practice shall be isolated from the practice areas;
(d) Practice areas designated for different purposes shall have obvious clearances between them and marks and be equipped with proper labor safety devices;
(e) Provided that the support of materials is needed amidst the course of practice, trainees shall have convenient access to such materials;
(f) During the course of practice, tools, measuring devices, equipment, and instruments & materials shall be the same kind as those applied in actual airplane maintenance (otherwise, the differences shall be stated). All the tools, equipment, instruments & materials and maintenance materials used solely for the purpose of practice shall be marked explicitly and discernibly with the words “only for practice”;
(g) Practices of disassembly and assembly of aircraft component shall be carried out in accordance with according maintenance manuals and have according work sheets.
When the maintenance personnel training organization would like to lease or borrow aircraft, aircraft component or simulation devices with equivalent functions, a written agreement must be made. And the requirements of the Training syllabus should be duly met under the control of the quality control system of the organization concerned.