|CCAR-147--The Regulations on Certification of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Training Organizations

147.13 Training Facilities

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The maintenance personnel training organization shall have facilities & equipment consistent with their respective training capacities that satisfy the following requirements:

(a) The buildings of the maintenance personnel training organization must be provided which ensure protection from weather element. And the buildings should have easily discernable emergency passages and ensure that this information is conveyed to all the instructors and trainees;
(b) The number and size of the classrooms thereof shall be capable of meeting the demands of the recruitment thereof and the theory teaching classes for every category shall not have more than 24 trainees; every training classroom shall be duly furnished with facilities of lighting, ventilation, noise & temperature control so as to guarantee the normal operation of teaching activities; classrooms used for exams or tests shall ensure that neighboring trainees cannot see the contents of papers of each other.
(c) Each classroom for theory teaching must be equipped with presentation equipment needed by such teaching so that all the trainees can perceive all the presentated contents explicitly and that these equipments shall meet according training requirements;
(d) Sufficient offices and office equipment must be provided for instructors and managers thereof;
(e) A library or reference room must be provided for the instructors and trainees. And the library or reference room shall contain the adequate technical materials appropriate to the scope of training undertaken;
(f) Archive room must be provided for storage of archives.The archive room shall remain in good condition.