|CCAR-147--The Regulations on Certification of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Training Organizations

147.11 Management and Supervision

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CAAC or RA-CAACs shall examine, at least once a year, the conformity of the domestic maintenance organization with the present Regulations.

In the event that the maintenance personnel training organization from foreign countries or regions apply for renewal of their certificate for the maintenance personnel training organization, CAAC shall re-examine the conformity of the certificate thereof with these Regulations prior to the expiration of the certificate thereof.
CAAC or RA-CAACs shall carry out other necessary activities such as supervision, inspection and survey directed at the maintenance personnel training organization.
The maintenance personnel training organization shall guarantee that their facilities, equipment, departments and staff (including the facilities and equipment leased or borrowed) related to the approved scope of training are convenient to be inspected, supervised and surveyed by CAAC or the RA-CAAC concerned. They shall, as occasion demands, rectify their defects and deficiencies failing to conform to these Regulations so as to ensure their constant conformity with relevant requirements therein.