|AC-145-10 Self-manufactured Tools and Equipment by Maintenance Organization


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The following requirements must be met while designing and manufacturing the self-manufactured tools/equipment:
(1) The principle and design drawings must be in compliance with the relevant State Standards;
(2) The raw materials for self-manufactured tools/equipment shall reach the design limits of strength, rigidity and other parameters. The material that will directly contact with aircraft or its components must have no any negative influences to the contacted aircraft or its components;
(3) The accuracy, scale range and stability of the instrument and indicators shall fulfill test requirements;
(4) Power sources shall supply stable and adjustable power, while satisfying the test need;
(5) Control system shall be easy in operation and have preventive mis-operation function;
(6) Software for electronic and auto-control shall be in compliance with the State or Industry Standards;
(7) The safety protection function of the tools/equipment shall be in compliance with the relevant State Standards.
(8) Job cards and accomplishment instructions shall be available while manufacturing tools/equipment.
(9) The qualification of the Organizations and concerned personnel shall be in compliance with the relevant State or Industry standards;
(10) Before put into use, tools/equipment shall be tested in practice to prove that they have reached the standards defined in the relevant airworthiness data.