|AC-145-9 Adoption of National and Industrial Standard


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When common tools and equipment used by domestic maintenance organization in the process of maintenance activities are calibrated, the following requirements shall be satisfied;
(1) Maintenance organization may work out calibration standard of tools and equipment i.a.w. the related national calibration provisions associated with their own actual conditions, which shall not be lower than national calibration provisions.
(2) Calibration standards for calibrating tools and equipment can’t be used until they are tested and accepted by National Calibration Administration Committee. Calibration standards shall be calibrated by Verification Organization which is authorized by National Calibration Administration Committee, as well as accepted by National Lab. Certification Committee i.a.w. Validation Rule for Test and Calibration Lab (CNAL/AC01).Calibrated standards shall be covered in the authorization scope.
(3) Calibration personnel of tools and equipment shall hold calibrator certificate issued by National Calibration Administration Committee or its authorized organization.