|AC-145-9 Adoption of National and Industrial Standard

4. Explanations

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No matter which maintenance organization, domestic or overseas/regional will inevitably get involved with the national or regional industrial standard when performing maintenance. The above mentioned national and industrial standard won’t be automatically or completely applicable to civil aviation aircraft maintenance organization due to the speciality of civil aviation aircraft maintenance activities.
Article 15, 20, 21, 23 and 24 of CCAR-145 accept the national or industrial standard corresponding to special service, special work environment requirements, calibrations of tools and equipment etc, and request the maintenance organization to meet these standards. This advisory circular aims at providing guidance on how to apply these standards.
There are no applicable national and industrial standards available now regarding to welding, electronic plating and surface treatment and heat treatment, so the related requirements in this AC are temporary, and will be revised accordingly with the issuance of the applicable standard.