|AC-145-8 Technical Documents for Aircraftand Aircraft Components Maintenance

4. Explanations

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“Maintenance task card” and “reference documents for maintenance” stated in CCAR-145 mustn’t be the titles of detailed documents but classifications of technical documents. Maintenance task card is to define and record work sequences and steps, it may not involve accomplishment methods and standard concerning the maintenance tasks. It can be named as work sheet, work card, work order, data record sheet etc. or one of any combinations. Reference documents for maintenances will give detailed methods and standards concerning the maintenance task. The maintenance organization can choose to develop it i.a.w. the airworthiness data or just use the applicable part (previously verified) of the airworthiness data as their reference documents for maintenance. Documents established by maintenance organization themselves can be named as accomplishment instructions, accomplishment guidance, work process etc. Referred basis documents corresponding to accomplishment methods and standards of detailed work steps described in task cards shall be indicated. Several different documents may be referred to when establishing one task card.
In case the original data provided by aircraft manufacturer or aircraft component manufacturer can’t be obtained, maintenance organization can use self-established technical documents as sole maintenance basis or airworthiness data only when they are reviewed and approved by Airworthiness Certification Department of CAAC.
Equivalent tools and equipment involved in reference documents for maintenance should be those approved ones.