CCAR145 Training Video-Training of MRO Certification & Surveilance System

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Training of MRO Certification & Surveillance System

  1. Course introduction
  2. Setting and registration
             2.1 Browser setting
             2.2 Trusted site adding
             2.3 Register
             2.4 Login with username and password
             2.5 How to change the password
             2.6 Navigation Menu of the MCSS
             2.7 Log off the MCSS 
  1. Initialization introduction for CAAC approved MROs
  2. Function module introduction
             4.1 New application
             4.2 Unairworthiness report
             4.3 Major repair and modification report
             4.4 Annual report
             4.5 Application management
             4.6 Available resource for downloading
             4.7 Contact details of your PMI
  1. Answers to common questions
             5.1 What is the correct format of MCL?
             5.2 Can I apply for the updating of MCL, MOM or TPM in one application?
             5.3 How can I upload the proof of payment?
             5.4 Why the icons of “application for change” and “renewal application” are gray?
             5.5 Why the icon of “original application” is gray?
  1. Summary

System Introduction