|AC-145-7 Maintenance of Aircraft Components

5.4 Airworthiness Data

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5.4.1 If maintenance organization directly use the original data provided by aircraft/component manufacturers as the maintenance reference or use copies of original data instead, the relevant maintenance personnel, releasing personnel shall correctly understand the language applied in these data. Only copies of the original data provided by agencies authorized by customers, aircraft/component manufacturers are acceptable to CAAC, and written agreement shall be reached to show that they are effectively controlled.
5.4.2 If maintenance organization use the Chinese versions of original data provided by aircraft/component manufacturers, the approval procedure and related records of translation accuracy shall be set up, besides that the original data is effectively controlled per Para.5.4.1.
5.4.3 Self-established technical data cannot be taken as a sole maintenance basis only when maintenance organization can’t obtain original data from aircraft/ component manufacturers. Self-established technical data must be reviewed and approved by CAAC Airworthiness certification Department.