|AC-145-7 Maintenance of Aircraft Components

5.3 Material

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5.3.1 Provided substitutes for standard parts or raw materials prescribed in the airworthiness data (including those raw materials non-installed on aircrafts, like detergents used in maintenance activities) are used, maintenance organization shall prove that they are equivalent to the substituted ones.
5.3.2 If materials approved by the Airworthiness Certification Department i.a.w. Technical Standard Order (TSO) or Part Manufacturer Approval (PMA) are used as substitutes for ones prescribed in the airworthiness data in maintenance activities, maintenance organization shall prove in written format that the operators accept such materials to be installed on their aircrafts or components thereof.
5.3.3 Maintenance organization subject to operators can have a few self- manufactured parts installed on their own aircrafts i.a.w. procedures approved by corresponding Regional Administration of CAAC. But malfunction, failure or defect of those self-manufactured parts can’t cause any case listed in Item 4, Article 5 of Civil Aircraft Products and Parts Certification (CCAR-21) .