|AC-145-06R1 Aircraft Line Maintenance


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Line maintenance work of domestic air carriers at any stations must be performed by a CCAR-145 certificated maintenance organization. Domestic air carriers may apply for outstation line maintenance certificates based on their main bases having achieved CCAR-145 line maintenance approval, and they are allowed to adopt equivalent safety actions as CCAR-145.17 described in case of implementing responsibility in written form.
Maintenance organizations of domestic air carriers shall be regarded as independent line maintenance organizations when performing line maintenance for aircraft other than its property.
Besides submitting application to CAAC per AC-145-01 Application Guidance for Domestic Maintenance Organization Certificate, the domestic independent line maintenance organizations shall meet relevant requirements of this AC as well.
Maintenance organizations of foreign/regional air carriers mean those maintenance organizations established by the foreign/regional air carriers and providing maintenance service to aircraft or aircraft components of these carriers mainly. The application for line maintenance items may be submitted to CAAC in case of meeting certain preconditions. Besides meeting requirements of AC-145-02 Application Guidance for Foreign & Regional Maintenance Organization Certificate, the applicant shall meet relevant requirements of this AC as well