|AC-145-5 Guide for Compilingof Maintenance Organization Manual


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This AC is to provide a sample of Maintenance Management Manual and give some instructions to maintenance organization applying for CCAR-145 approval. Contents and formats of this sample are compiled directly in accordance with Article 30 of CCAR-145.
The texts of the sample are the main contents required by Article 30 of CCAR-145. “Notes” gives specific requirements for compiling the Maintenance Management Manual in accordance with the real condition of maintenance organization. It shall be emphasized that no such a manual can meet the requirements of all types and any sized maintenance organizations. On the contrary, maintenance organization shall compile a manual with its own characteristic by considering its maintenance items and organization structure and management style. For example, in for the section of “responsibilities and duties”, it is just an example given by the sample and the maintenance organization may make its own decision for organization setup and responsibility distribution instead of following the sample exactly but all personnel and departments required by the regulation must be addressed.