|AC-145-4 Maintenance Records and Reports

5.2 Major repair and alteration records [Form AAC-085(12/94)]

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(1) Owner: fill in the full name of the owner.
(2) Address of the owner: fill in the address of the geographical location which shall be identical with the one on the registered certificate of the owner.
(3) Repair or alteration items:
a) Mark “×” in the block of airframe, power plant, propeller, or appliance in accordance with the item to be repaired or modified.
b) In the block of Unit, fill in the name of the item to be repaired or modified.
c) In the block of Manufacturer, fill in the name of the manufacturer that has manufactured the item.
d) In the block of Model, fill in the model/type number of the item.
e) In the block of Serial Number, fill in the serial number of the item.
f) Mark “×” in the block of Repair and Alteration to show the type of maintenance work.
(4) Conformity statement:
a) In the block of Name and Address of Maintenance Organization, fill in the full name and address of the maintenance organization which shall be the same as those on the maintenance organization certificate.
b) In the block of Maintenance Organization Certificate No. , fill in the certificate number.
c) In the block of Date, fill in the date on which the form is entered.
d) In the block of Signature of Authorized Individual, the signature of the accountable manager in the organization or the quality manager authorized by him shall be signed.
(5) Approval for return to service;
a) The final release person mark“×” in the box of Approved or Rejected to indicate whether the item is approved or not;
b) Mark “×” in the box of Repair Station Certificated by CAAC;
c) In the block of Date of Approval or Rejection, fill in the date on which the approval or the rejection is decided;
d) In the block of Signature, fill in the name of the release personnel and his maintenance license number.
(6) Summarize the accomplished maintenance work. The summary should be simple, correct and to the point, especially the contents of the repair or alteration shall be clear. List the data and criteria which were referred when approval for return to service was made. The detailed requirement is as follows:
a) The repair or alteration shall be described firstly, giving the name and work scope of the item. Then, describe the process of repair or alteration in detail in which case the involved regulations of CCAR and the data approved by the airworthiness shall be pointed out to verify the airworthiness conformity of the repair or alteration.
As for the parts affected by the repair or alteration and other additional work, there shall be a statement guaranteeing that the affected parts have been checked and are in good condition.
b) The data used for approving major repair and alteration item to return to service must be authorized by the airworthiness. Such as airworthiness regulation (airworthiness directives), Technical Standards Order (TSO), Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), work illustration of the manufacturer approved by the airworthiness, material package and Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) and relevant technical criterion.
c) Supported data and material used in major repair and alteration such as stress analysis, experiment report, drawing or pictures should be attached on form AAC-085.
d) For the major repair and alteration of the airframe, the registered country and registered number of the aircraft and the date on which all the work is accomplished shall be entered.
e) Weight and balance changes after repair and /or alteration shall be entered.