|AC-145-4 Maintenance Records and Reports

5.1 Release Approval/Airworthiness Approval Tag [Form AAC-038(12/94)]

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(1) Fill in China. This column shall be preprinted.
(2) Select “airworthiness”. This column shall be preprinted.
(3) Fill in Tag Number. For the purpose of control and tracing of this document, the tag numbers shall be preprinted sequentially by means of running numbers, unless the serial number is established by the use of computer program, in which case the serial numbers may not be preprinted.
(4) Fill in the full name and address of the maintenance organization which uses this tag to release component/part. This column shall be preprinted.
(5) Fill in relevant work-order number/contract number/bill number as decided by the organization. The purpose of this column is for the organization to establish a quick search system by means of referring to work–order number/contract number/bill number or in respect to internal procedures of the organization.
(6) Fill in the item number of the component/part released by this tag. Entry to this column is not compulsory. The item number is provided for the convenience of note making in column 13.
(7) Fill in the nomenclature of the component/part. The nomenclature in Illustrated Part Catalogue (IPC) shall be used preferably.
(8) Fill in the part number of the component/part. The part number in IPC shall be used preferably.
(9) Fill in the type/model of aircraft, engine or propeller on which the component/parts is applicable to be installed. If a component/part is applicable to multiple types/models of aircraft, engine or propeller, “APPLICABLE TO MULTIPLE TYPES” may be filled in. If the type/model to which the component/part is applicable is not known, “NOT KNOWN” may be filled in.
Note: Any information contained in Column 9 must not be used as the instruction approval of the component/part for specified types/models of aircraft, engine or propeller. The component/part user/installer must assure the applicable types/models effectively by means of IPC, service bulletins or other pertinent documents.
(10) Fill in the quantity of the component/part released.
(11) Fill in serial number or batch number of the component. If there is no such number, fill in “NOT APPLICABLE”.
(12) Fill in technical status of the component/part in 4 categories:
(a) Inspected/Tested
(b) Repaired
(c) Modified
(d) Overhauled
(13) In this column, the approved data/manual/technical standards on which the 4 categories contained in Column 12 are based, and the specific data and limitation to the part/component released must be entered to help the user/installer determine the final airworthiness of the part/component. Each involved item shall be pointed out in each description. In case there is no such description available, mark “NONE”.
Some examples are listed below to show what contents shall be included in this column:
a) Identification and revision number of CMM;
b) Operation limits of repaired product;
c) Standards for modification;
d) Approved serviceable spare part/component;
e) Compliance or non-compliance with AD or service bulletins;
f) Life time limits;
g) Condition of the part/component or the referred documents containing such condition in detail;
h) Effective date;
i) Date of storage;
j) Existing defects;
(14) Line through by diagonal to show not applicable;
(15) Self-explainable;
(16) The release must be signed by the individuals authorized by CAAC approved maintenance organization. Autographic signature must be used;
(17) The name of the person who signs shall be printed formally;
(18) Fill in the date on which the release is signed;
(19) Fill in the certificate number issued to the organization/individual by CAAC;
(20) Self-explainable.