|AC-145-2R1 Application Guide for Foreign&Regional Maintenance Organization Certificate


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Fee for changing maintenance organization certificate (Tc)
(1) If the organization applies for changing organization name only, the organization
will be charged for the application acceptance fee (A) only.
Note: Ha is the application acceptance benchmark man-hour
(2) Fee for location changing is the summation of application acceptance fee (A), on
site audit fee (C) and supplementary fee (S).
a) Application acceptance fee (A) and on site audit fee (C) will be calculated as
standard man-hour for original auditing multiplied by coefficient K3 (K3=0.8)
b) Supplementary fee (S) includes costs for accommodations, air tickets, ground
transportations, and other costs during certification process. (The supplementary fee
will not be charged if those costs may be provided or covered by the maintenance
Calculation formula:
Note: “Ha” is the application acceptance benchmark man-hour; “Hc” is maintenance
function benchmark man-hour.
(3) Fee for maintenance rating or items changing: for adding items, the fee standard is
same as that one of the original application; for reducing items, no charge is required
and also no more charge for this item in the next re-audit of the maintenance
organization. When only apply for changing maintenance capability list without
changing the maintenance organization certificate, the fee shall be counted from next
re-audit instead of being charged separately.