|AC-145-2R1 Application Guide for Foreign&Regional Maintenance Organization Certificate


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Requirements for filling out the application:
(1) Name of the applicant: the full legal name of the applicant, which shall be that one
on the maintenance organization certificate issued by the national/local
(2) Address: the mailing address of the applicant (including postcode).
(3) Telephone/ Fax: the telephone and fax number offered must ensure the normal
communication between CAAC and the Accountable Manager.
(4) Reason for application: Mark “X” in the corresponding column according to
application purpose; if mark “X” in the column of “other reasons”, detailed information
is required.
(5) Maintenance functions applied for: Mark “X” in the corresponding column
according to function applied for. If mark “X” in the column of “other items”, detailed
information is required.
(6) Accountable Manager: shall be the one specified in the Maintenance Management Manual submitted by the organization:
a) Name: shall be printed.
b) Title: the full name of the position actually held in the maintenance organization;
c) Signature: autographic signature by the Accountable Manager himself;
d) Date: date on which the Accountable Manager signs.
(7) Detailed maintenance functions applied for and facilities location: refer to
Attachment 6 of CCAR-145 to fill out the maintenance functions applied for. The
facilities location could be omitted from the list if it is same as that mentioned in item
(2); but if the location is different from or more than that specified in item (2), detailed
information of the locations and maintenance functions applied for each location shall
be listed clearly.
(8) Maintenance functions contracted to outside agencies: only those contracted
maintenance functions related to the applied function are required.