|AC-145-2R1 Application Guide for Foreign&Regional Maintenance Organization Certificate


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Any adverse records of the applicant kept by CAAC in the past may result in an
unacceptable application. The adverse records include but not limit to following:
(1) The application was cancelled or audit was refused by the applicant after CAAC
had issued the Notification of Acceptance for Application;
(2) The applicant refused to cooperate with CAAC for audits and or investigations
organized by CAAC regarding to the maintenance quality;
(3) The applicant does not pay for the concerned auditing fees after the audit being
conducted by CAAC;
(4) The applicant does not submit the concerned information to CAAC according to
the concerned requirement;
(5) Serious maintenance quality problems occurred on the aviation products of
Chinese customer;
(6) The applicant provided false information to CAAC deliberately.