|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.34 Unairworthy Condition Report

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The maintenance organization shall report to the CAAC Headquarter Office or the CAAC RA within 72 hours of the following significant defects, unairworthy conditions or other important incidents found during maintenance or occurring with maintenance that affect the operation safety of the aircraft and the airworthiness of the civil aircraft or aircraft components.
(1) Serious cracks, permanent deformation, burning damage or serious corrosion of structure found in the aircraft, engine, propeller or helicopter rotor systems.
(2) Any defect that may affect the functions of engine, landing gear and flight control systems.
(3) Any emergency system that failed the operational check or functional test.
(4) The significant defect or malfunction of the civil aircraft or aircraft component which occurred due to the maintenance errors.
The unairworthy conditions shall be reported with the "Unairworthy Condition Report" (Form F145-5). The maintenance organization shall complete the form based on the facts encountered. In the case that the required form could not be completed within the prescribed time frame, the report shall be made by fax, telex, telephone or e-mail, etc first and then followed with the formal report completed pursuant to the "Unairworthy condition report" (Form F145-5).
The unairworthy conditions shall be reported to the “job-sender” at the same time. The relevant information shall also be reported to the civil aircraft or aircraft component manufacturer when such conditions have been deemed as design or manufacturing faults or defects.