|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.32 Maintenance Record

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The maintenance records of the maintenance organization shall meet the following requirements:
(1) The maintenance work shall be performed in such a way that the integrity of the maintenance records can be ensured. The maintenance records shall include at least but not limited to the completed worksheets, records of defects found and rectifications taken, components replaced and the associated certificates of conformity thereof, the list of airworthiness directives and service bulletins incorporated, deferred items, testing records, maintenance release certification, etc. "Major repair and modification Report" prescribed in Attachment 8 of this regulation shall be completed for all major repair and modification work carried out.
(2) The maintenance records shall be completed according to the following requirements:
i. The same work shall be recorded on a standard worksheet or form. With the exception of records required by the foreign/regional “job sender” and some self-produced testing records that may be in English, the maintenance records of the domestic maintenance organization shall be in Chinese at least. The maintenance records of the foreign or regional maintenance organization other than the worksheets shall be in English as least.
ii. The maintenance records shall be completed clearly, tidily and accurately with the use of ink or ball pen. Actual testing value shall be recorded for testing item. Any amendment made to the maintenance records shall be approved by the personnel so authorized.
iii. The maintenance records may be completed in either paper or computerized documents. When using the paper documents, the paper used shall withstand normal handling and be in good condition during the transfer and preservation. When using the computer system to make the records, the information shall be checked to ensure effective transmission, and the access authorization control matching with the authorization so made for each post-holder shall be established.
(3) The maintenance records shall be kept in accordance with the following requirements:
i. The maintenance records shall be properly kept to avoid damage due to water, fire, loss, etc. Where the computer system is used to preserve the maintenance records, an effective backup system and security protection measures shall be established to prevent records from being amended by the unauthorized personnel.
ii. The maintenance records shall be kept at least two years whereas the records of the line maintenance work shall be kept at least 30 days upon completion of the records.
iii. The maintenance organization shall take effective measures to enable the damaged records to be retrieved via other effective means.
iv. When the operation of the maintenance organization terminates, all maintenance records completed within the two years prior to the termination shall be returned to the relevant "job sender".