|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.31 Maintenance Criteria

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The maintenance organization shall comply with the following criteria while carrying out maintenance work:
(1) Performing the maintenance work pursuant to the basic maintenance document which complies with the requirements, standards etc, as specified in the airworthiness data.
(2) The maintenance organization shall inform the operator in the case where the maintenance works that will be performed in compliance with the standards which exceed these prescribed in the airworthiness data. The data, process and instruction for such maintenance work or modification so developed shall be approved by the CAAC Headquarter Office or the CAAC RA via the operator prior to the maintenance work or modification.
(3) Tools & equipment shall comply with the requirements prescribed in the airworthiness data and technical documents and be in good and serviceable conditions. The accuracy of the measuring tools shall comply with the requirements prescribed in the technical documents. The complicated equipment shall be appropriately maintained and come with the operating instruction.
(4) Materials used for the maintenance or intended for the maintenance shall come with the valid certificates of conformity and be in good and serviceable condition. The serviceable parts, which are maintained by a maintenance organization itself and intended for re-installation, shall be attached with the internal serviceable tags issued by the maintenance organization itself. The serviceable parts, which are maintained by subcontractors, shall be provided with the maintenance release certificates as required by the maintenance organization which uses the subcontractors. Aircraft components stored in the working area shall be clearly marked. Serviceable and unserviceable parts shall be stored with segregation and properly protected during transportation.
(5) The work that each post-holder is undertaking shall be consistent with the scope of work so authorized for such person. Apprentices and unauthorized personnel shall work under the supervision of the properly qualified and authorized personnel regarding the specific maintenance work.
(6) The maintenance organization shall adequately consider the impacts of the maintenance human factors on the maintenance work, to avoid imposing the requirements on the maintenance personnel which is beyond their normal human performance limitations. Unless approved by the local labor administrative department, the working time of the maintenance personnel working on the aircraft or aircraft component directly shall not exceed 8 hours per day, the total working time per week shall not exceed 40 hours. Under special circumstances, the working time of the maintenance personnel can be extended appropriately to up to 3 hours per each day, but the total overtime per month shall not exceed 36 hours; the maintenance organization shall also ensure that the maintenance personnel are not disturbed by psychoactive substances such as drugs, alcohol, etc during the working time.
(7) The status of the maintenance work shall be recorded for each step soon after the completion to ensure the continuity and integrity of the maintenance work.
(8) The following measures shall be taken to prevent the foreign objects from being left in the aircraft or aircraft components:
i. For the maintenance work required for assembling or access opening, an inspection/check to verify whether the foreign objects have been left in the aircraft or aircraft component shall be performed on the completion of assembly work or before the closure of the opening access.
ii. For the line maintenance, the tools used in the working area shall be checked to confirm that there is no tool left in the aircraft prior to the release of aircraft.