|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.29 Training Program and Personnel Technical Files

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The maintenance organization shall establish the training program for each post pursuant to the requirements as prescribed in the§145.23 of this regulation, set up the technical record for each post-holder and fulfill the following requirements:
(1) The training program shall define the scope of training, the objective of training, training time requirement, the means of training, examination requirement, training organization and training management responsibilities, etc. The training program and any amendment thereof shall be approved by the CAAC Headquarter Office and the CAAC RA.
(2) Each post-holder of the maintenance organization shall complete the training on the training items as required in the training program and be appropriately qualified before undertaking the specific maintenance task or maintenance management or supporting work independently, and shall complete the following recurrent training and continuation training as appropriate:
i. Receiving the recurrent training on amendments or changes made to the relevant civil aviation laws and regulation, national or industrial standards, technical knowledge, working procedures and maintenance human factors if applicable, and receiving the continuation training on the assigned job in two years cycle as a minimum. ii. The post-holder, which has quit the specific work continuously for more than two years, shall complete the training on all the applicable items as prescribed in the training program before resuming working.
iii. Where a new technique or equipment is introduced to the civil aircraft maintenance or maintenance management, the personnel involved shall complete the training on such technique or equipment prior to the use.
(3) The maintenance organization shall establish the annual training schedule for each post in accordance with the aforementioned training requirements, and may make adjustment to the schedule if necessary.
(4) The maintenance organization shall establish and safe keep technical files and training records for each post-holder, the technical files and training records so established shall fulfill the following requirements:
i. Be readily accessed by the CAAC Headquarter Office, the CAAC RA or the maintenance organization itself to make evaluation on the qualification requirement for each post.
ii. The personnel technical file shall include the following information as a minimum:
(a) The current post and scope of work;
(b) The technical resume in year and month;
(c) The training completed, the means of training, the training time
and examination score if applicable;
(d) The proof of the education and the copy of the Certificate of Qualification.
(5) The maintenance organization shall update the personnel technical file and training records in a timely manner to ensure the validity thereof.
(6) The personnel technical files and training records shall be properly kept to prevent them from being accessed and amended by unauthorized personnel. The technical file of the individual person shall be retained for at least two years after the person quit from the organization.