|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.28 Production Control System

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The maintenance organization shall establish production control system within the organization itself, which shall consist of all associated production departments and maintenance workshops, the production system so established shall fulfill the following requirements:
(1) The production control system shall ensure that the facilities, tools/equipment, material, qualified maintenance personnel, airworthiness data and technical document necessary for the maintenance work are available prior to the maintenance work.
(2) The maintenance schedule arranged by the production control system shall match the maintenance man-hours available at that time. The maintenance man-hours available shall be defined according to the qualification, authorization and competence of maintenance personnel, shift arrangement, etc.
(3) If it may adversely affect the safety or quality of the maintenance while carrying out some maintenance working process simultaneously, the production control system shall arrange the working process appropriately to avoid such situations from occurring. When the maintenance in process has to be suspended due to break time or shift handover, etc, the production control system shall control the integrity of working process and the maintenance records to ensure the continuity of the maintenance work.
(4) The production control system shall establish control and management over the maintenance man-hours for each piece of maintenance work. The maintenance organization shall record the actual maintenance man-hours used and compare it with the theoretical man-hours to ensure integrity of the maintenance work performed. The maintenance man-hours shall be measured in the unit of man per hour. The theoretical man-hours shall be defined upon the work scope, competence of the maintenance personnel, the availability of tools /equipment and the working conditions, etc. The initial establishment of the theoretical man-hours may follow the standards recommended by the civil aircraft or aircraft component manufacturer or the practice of similar maintenance organizations, the maintenance organization shall make continued adjustment on the theoretical man-hours based on statistics and analysis.