|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.26 Internal Quality Audit System

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The maintenance organization shall establish an independent self-quality audit system that complies with the following requirements, or endow the quality department with the function to designedly assess the compliance of the maintenance work with the requirements of this regulation, verify the effectiveness of the quality management system and make self-improvements:
(1) The scope of internal quality audit shall include the evaluation on the compliance of all maintenance work on the maintenance rating(s)/item(s) being applied for or approved with the requirements of this regulation.
(2) The audit interval for any department or system of the organization shall not exceed 12 months. For a department or system with more findings or serious problems occurred during the previous audits, the audit frequency for such department or system shall be appropriately increased.
(3) The internal quality audit shall be implemented according to the audit schedule. The maintenance organization shall set up the audit schedule in one year cycle as a minimum. All the aspects needed to be audited according to the scope of audit shall be covered in the annual audit schedule, and the following information shall be included as a minimum:
i. Department or system to be audited.
ii. Progress and time of the audit schedule.
iii. Name of the responsible auditor.
(4) The audit schedule may be adjusted to address the specific circumstances in the maintenance organization at that time to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the audit.
(5) The auditor shall be familiar with the CAAC requirements regarding civil aircraft maintenance and the CAAC approved MOM of the organization. On completion of the training on the relevant audit knowledge, the auditor shall have the ability to perform planning, coordination and analysis. The auditor may be full time or part time, but his assigned duties and responsibilities shall be independent from that of the department being audited.
(6) The maintenance organization shall set up the audit checklist and perform the audit pursuant to the checklist. The audit checklist shall be for the standardization and integrity of internal quality audits. Relevant requirements to be fulfilled by each department or system shall be listed in the checklist.
(7) The maintenance organization shall record immediately the audit process and the findings during the internal quality audit. The audit records shall include the detailed comments made on all items being audited and the details of audit findings.
(8) On completion of an audit, the person in charge of the department or system that has been audited shall be informed about the audit findings by means of the formal audit report and shall be requested to take the appropriate corrective actions within a prescribed limited period. The quality department shall follow up the status of the corrective actions and perform another audit to verify the status of correction if necessary. The audit findings as well as the corrective actions thereof shall be reported directly to the Accountable Manager. The audit report shall include the following information as a minimum:
i. Department or system being audited.
ii. Date of audit.
iii. Responsible auditor.
iv. The audit findings.
v. Corrective actions so required.
vi. Corrective actions that have been taken.
vii. Result of verification of the status of the corrective actions.
(9) Audit reports shall be retained for no less than 2 years after the internal quality audit has been closed.