|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.18 Classification of Approved Maintenance Function

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Maintenance functions, in the context of this regulation, are classified as follows:
(1) 'Inspection/Test': Verifying serviceability of removed civil aircraft components without disassembling by examination and functional check in accordance with the standards specified in the airworthiness data.
(2) 'Repair': The restoration of unserviceable civil aircraft or aircraft component to a serviceable condition in accordance with the airworthiness data.
(3) 'Modification': The general alterations of an item performed in conformity with the airworthiness data approved or accepted by the CAAC. For major alterations, details of the alterations shall be respectively addressed. Modification hereby does not include the approval of the type design change involved in the alternation program.
(4) 'Overhaul': Restore civil aircraft or aircraft component, by disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, necessary repairing or replacing, reassembling and testing in accordance with the airworthiness data, to its serviceable life or airworthy conditions.
(5) 'Line maintenance': Routine inspections of civil aircraft in accordance with the worksheets provided by the operator and the rectification of malfunctions and defects encountered during line operation according to the applicable aircraft or engine maintenance manual, including LRU replacement and deferral of malfunctions and defects according to the operator’s Minimum Equipment List/Configuration Deviation List of the particular type of aircraft. For the purpose of this regulation, the following services fall outside the scope of line maintenance so defined:
(i) Civil aircraft arrival and departure marshalling, parking, pushing out, towing, wheel chocking, and fitting and removal of the protection devices;
(ii) Connect ground power and pneumatic supplies; water servicing (fill and drain); fuelling and de-fuelling; air and oxygen charging;
(iii) Necessary cleaning; de-icing and removal of snow and frost;
(iv) Other necessary servicing work.
(6) 'Scheduled maintenance': Inspections and repairs of civil aircraft or aircraft component, which has been in service to a defined time limit, according to the airworthiness data. It applies to airframe and engine/APU, but doesn’t include “overhaul” defined herein for the purpose of this regulation.
(7) Other maintenance functions acceptable to the CAAC.
The CAAC Headquarter Office or the CAAC RA may impose necessary limitations on the above maintenance functions appropriately to the specific circumstance.