|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.5 Means of Administration

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The CAAC Headquarter Office and the CAAC RA will audit and supervise the maintenance work of maintenance organizations pursuant to the assigned responsibilities and authorizations so granted. It may be in terms of the following:
(1) Auditing the maintenance organizations applying for the issue of or a change to the CAAC MOC;
(2) Performing the annual audit for domestic maintenance organizations, or the renewal audit for the foreign or regional maintenance organization applying for an extension to the term of validity of their CAAC MOC;
(3) Scheduled and nonscheduled inspection or spot-checks performed by principal airworthiness inspectors;
(4) Performing joint audits as arranged by the CAAC Headquarter Office or the CAAC RA;
(5) Investigating maintenance organizations regarding quality and safety related issues;
Other supervision, audit or investigation if the CAAC Headquarter Office or the CAAC RA feels necessary.