|CCAR-145R3--Approval of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Organization

145.2 Applicability

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For the purpose of this regulation, the applicability herein is defined as follows:
1. The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (hereinafter referred as "CAAC") or CAAC Regional Administration (hereinafter referred as "CAAC RA") certifies the maintenance organization applying for maintenance of civil aircraft or aircraft component (hereinafter referred as "maintenance organization");
2. The CAAC Headquarter Office or the CAAC RA administrates and supervises the maintenance organization which has been granted the CAAC Maintenance Organization Certificate (hereinafter referred as "CAAC MOC").
The aforementioned “maintenance organization” includes the independent maintenance organization, the operator’s maintenance organization and the manufacturer’s maintenance organization. The Independent maintenance organization may include the domestic maintenance organization, the foreign maintenance organization and the regional maintenance organization.